Waste Management

Intergulf can manage a variety of wastes, everything from nonhazardous to hazardous or solids to liquids. Whatever the type or characteristic of the waste, Intergulf can help you with a waste disposal or waste recycling plan.

Intergulf maintains a solid waste permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for the acceptance of nonhazardous industrial wastes and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) characteristic hazardous waste. However, because of our involvement with a wide array of projects and our handling of a diverse range of materials, our customers trust us to manage other difficult projects and materials for them.

Hazardous waste disposal and universal waste disposal

Intergulf's team of waste management specialists have many years of experience handling hazardous and universal waste disposal. With one phone call our team can help you with profiling, manifesting, placarding, labeling, and transportation of all your waste disposal needs. If Intergulf is not able to manage your waste stream at our plant, we can utilize one of our many approved third-party disposal facilities. Intergulf can help manage your wastes in a responsible, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Lab packs

Intergulf's personnel have many years of experience in categorizing, inventorying and packing of lab packs. Intergulf prides itself on being thorough, accurate, conservative and responsible when managing these lab pack projects.

On-site services

Intergulf can furnish a full-time or part-time technician on your site to manage your wastes and residual materials. Intergulf takes a unique approach to managing these in-plant services. Most in-plant service providers strive to feed their own associated asset (incinerator, landfill, etc.), but Intergulf's goal is to provide you with the option that best matches your philosophy. Our options are recycling, incineration, landfill disposal, wastewater treatment, deep well injection, fuel blending or reclassification, all according to your objectives. We promise that you will have efficiency improvements or cost savings as a result of our experience and wide breadth of options.

If you need to dispose of used oils, Intergulf is the option for you.

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