La Porte

Hydrocarbon Recovery

Intergulf La Porte Facility

Intergulf's La Porte location is an 11-acre multipurpose product- based facility that has many capabilities. At this facility, which serves as the "hub" for our fuels program, we can segregate and blend our industrial fuel oils based on their physical characteristics. We have eighteen 750-bbl tanks with a variety of capabilities and also have over 2000 linear feet of rail complete with contained off-loading stations.

Intergulf has also added a distillation column to our processing capabilities at this La Porte facility. The distillation column is a 1500 bbl/day atmospheric processing unit that is designed to fractionate various ranges of hydrocarbons into a gasoline blendstock and a heavier industrial fuel oil.

Our La Porte facility is also the home for our transportation fleet, mechanic shop, and dispatch offices.

Please feel free to arrange a tour of the plant.

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