Intergulf Corporation History


  • In 1983, Channel Bunker Service opened a small marine terminal in Channelview, Texas, providing bunker fuel by barge and dockside fueling to marine vessels calling on the Houston Ship Channel. As that business expanded, a new division, Intergulf Fuels, was formed to blend and sell bunker fuels on a larger scale in shore tanks within a public terminal.

  • In January of 1995, ChemSep, Inc. opened to provide liquid recycling/disposal of marine pollution (MARPOL) waste to vessels calling on the Port of Houston, Galveston, Port Arthur, Beaumont and Freeport under U.S. Coast Guard-regulated over the water transfers. ChemSep, Inc. formed a partnership with Intergulf Fuels and leased treatment tankage in Channelview, Texas.

  • ChemSep, Inc. outgrew the Intergulf Fuels Channelview facility; and in January of 1999, ChemSep, Inc. constructed the Bayport processing plant in Pasadena, Texas. This facility was constructed on virgin property in a strictly industrial complex with all the major utilities, including a direct pipeline to Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority, a publicly owned treatment works (POTW) for wastewater disposal.

  • In late 1999, ChemSep, Inc. expanded services at its Bayport facility to include nonhazardous wastewater disposal for third-party generators pursuant to a permit received from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This expansion enabled ChemSep, Inc. to augment its current business to include the industrial segment. The Bayport facility armed ChemSep, Inc. with the ability to accept materials from marine, industrial, petrochemical, refining and transportation-related industries. Materials accepted included wastewater, oil/water emulsions, oil water, used oil, sludges, tank bottoms, off-specification gasoline/diesel, and recoverable petroleum products.

  • In 2001, after a long history of working together, Intergulf Fuels and ChemSep, Inc. merged and created Intergulf Corporation This merger utilized the strengths of the two companies-Intergulf Fuels' fuel oil blending and distribution and large petrochemical customer base, and ChemSep's logistic and waste/recycling processing services. The resulting synergies tremendously increased the newly formed company's ability to collect, process and market its products and services.

  • In 2006, Intergulf Corp. purchased 11 acres of Hwy 225 frontage in La Porte, Texas, to support its blending and railcar operations with over 2,200 linear foot of rail and 4,500 bbl of storage. This location relieved the Bayport facility from truck parking and enabled Intergulf to build a truck maintenance shop.

  • In February of 2007, Intergulf purchased four acres of waterfront property along the Houston Ship Channel in La Porte, Texas, to support Intergulf's marine business and equipment, including a tug and three barges. A multi-barge dock and battery of tanks (4,500 bbl) were built. Future plans include 200,000-bbl terminal for gasoline blendstock, refinery feedstock, and fuel oil storage.

  • In November of 2010, Intergulf completed construction of a 1,500 bbl/day atmospheric distillation column at its La Porte, Texas site. This unit was designed to refine mixed hydrocarbons such as light to heavy distillates and off-specification fuels such as gasoline, diesel and fuel oil mixtures. To support the refinery, Intergulf added significant additional storage (9,000 bbl), a vapor combustion unit for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, new control room, and laboratory. Finished products include a wide range of petroleum distillates such as gasoline, diesel, marine diesel blendstocks, fuel oil and cutterstock. Feedstock and finished products can be transported to and from the facility by truck or railcar.

  • In early 2011, Intergulf Corp. received a new permit from the TCEQ to allow its Bayport facility to receive characteristic hazardous waste.

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