Hazardous Waste Treatment

Because of a recent permit modification, Intergulf has expanded its waste acceptance capabilities to include certain characteristic hazardous waste. As a result, we can now provide wastewater treatment options to generators of hazardous wastewaters that carry the following Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste codes:

Acceptable EPA Characteristic Hazardous Waste Codes

D001, D002, D003, D018, D019, D021, D022, D023, D024, D025, D026, D027, D028, D029, D035, D036, D037, D038, D039, D040, D041, D042, D043

This permit upgrade was possible because of two factors: our relationship with Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority's Bayport facility and our connection to its facility via pipeline. The wastewater treatment exemption allows third-party hazardous waste treatment facilities to accept hazardous waste that can ultimately be treated by the receiving facility or by the publicly owned treatment works (POTW) as long as the two are connected via pipeline, and as long as the effluent meets EPA's centralized waste treatment (CWT) standards and local parameters.

Intergulf is excited about this new hazardous waste treatment capability and is ready to talk to you about the disposal of your hazardous waste.

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