Fuel Recycling

Intergulf has been recycling and recovering fuels since 1988. Some items we recycle include: gas and water mixtures, used oil, and coproducts from petrochemical plants. We specialize in finding outlets for off-spec chemicals, production overages, or product heels. In order to achieve waste minimization goals, many companies are forced to look at existing waste streams differently than they have in the past. We have been successful at providing assistance to generators when determining if a secondary material can be considered a co-product or fuel.

Examples of recyclable materials include:

  • Used oils
  • Oily waters / oil emulsions
  • Gasoline mixtures
  • Coproducts
  • Solids
  • High pour point / high viscosity materials
  • Off-specification fuels or solvents
  • Off-specification chemicals or products

Used oils

As a registered used oil recycler with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Intergulf can provide you with a dependable option for the management of your recyclable products from both an industrial and retail setting. Intergulf is also equipped to handle the ancillary items associated with the recycling of the used oils, such as oil filters, antifreeze, and absorbents. Intergulf can provide and replace drums, evacuate totes and drums, or vacuum oils from tanks, all on a scheduled or nonscheduled basis. Market conditions dictate the value of the recycled oils. For more information, visit our Used Oil page or give us a call.

Oily waters / oil emulsions

Intergulf has the necessary equipment, engineering expertise, and experience to recycle your oily wastewater or emulsion. Our plant is designed to separate hydrocarbon and water mixtures-emulsified or not. Oils are recovered into our fuels blending program, and waters are processed through our treatment system. Our system is designed to limit your liability, decrease your cost and eliminate the headaches associated with difficult-to-handle streams. For more information, visit our Oil Emulsion page or give us a call.

Gasoline mixtures

Intergulf can safely manage your gasoline mixtures, whether they are mixed with diesel, heavy fuels or water. Our process dehydrates these materials and then blends them into refinery feedstock where the overheads are used in gasoline blend pools and the bottoms are returned into our industrial burner fuels market.


Intergulf was founded upon our ability to take coproducts from the petrochemical manufacturing industry and recycle them into products markets. Our staff of traders and buyers work within our own system to find applications for these types of materials. If a material does not qualify for our system, we will find the right fit for your material, using our worldwide network of traders and buyers. For information, visit our Petroleum Products page or give us a call.

Industrial Solids

Intergulf can recycle certain types of solids into road base feedstock. Solids generated from soil remediations, pond cleanouts, mole sieves, catalyst balls, and sump cleanouts can be recycled, thereby avoiding costly solidification or landfill charges. The material must meet certain criteria in order to be recycled. For more information, please call us.

High pour point / high viscosity

Intergulf's experience in handling materials that have high pour points or high melting points can also help in the management of difficult streams. Materials that are in solid form at room temperature-such as waxes, paraffins, pitches, or other materials that become less viscous with heat-can be blended into our product lines if compatible. Our on-site laboratory can help determine compatibility. For more information, see our Fuel Oil Blending page, or give us a call.

Off-specification fuels

Toluene, xylene, benzene, kerosene, diesel gasoline, #6 fuel oil, crude and other fuel components are a few of the materials that Intergulf purchases on a regular basis. These components can be mixtures, or contaminated with water or other items. For more information, see our Product Purchasing page, or give us a call.

Off-specification chemicals or products

Intergulf, through its network of traders and buyers, can find applications for many chemicals or products that do not fit into our blending system. Items such as alcohols (including methanol and ethanol), acids and caustics are a few of the items that we have helped our customers to place in the past. For more information, see our Product Purchasing page, or give us a call.

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