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Intergulf Bayport Facility

The Bayport facility is situated on 2.5 acres of land located in the Bayport Industrial Complex, Pasadena, Texas. The facility was constructed in 1999 on virgin property, zoned strictly industrial. All truck handling and material processing operations are conducted within a sealed concrete containment area designed to eliminate the possibility of environmental contamination. The Bayport facility is routinely inspected by a variety of regulatory agencies and has never been cited for a major violation. A closure bond has been established with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in the form of a pay-in trust to cover potential cleanup expenses in the event of a facility closure.

The Bayport facility is registered with the U.S. EPA and the TCEQ as a used oil processor and transporter. The facility is permitted by the U.S. Coast Guard as a mobile transfer facility and by the TCEQ as a hazardous and nonhazardous industrial waste processing facility. The U.S. EPA has also declared the Bayport facility to be a CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) approved facility.

The physical plant and facility consists of two office buildings with asphalt parking lot, a plant processing area of approximately 22,000 square feet that contains three truck loading/unloading stations, rail spur for railcar transfers, 16 assorted storage/processing tanks with a total capacity of 770,196 gallons, and associated pumps, valves, piping, filters, walkways, controls, and carbon absorption canisters. The plant utilizes dissolved air flotation as its main form of treatment. Other physical treatment capabilities include centrifuge, filter press, and a solids separation pit. Our on-site laboratory supports all phases of operations, including material screening and oil and water quality. The Bayport plant is equipped to handle both truck and rail shipments. Intergulf also provides off-site waste services and transportation using our fleet of vacuum trucks, tank trucks, and drum transports.

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